“Metta” means loving kindness in Pali, a language of India.

La Stone MassageThe practice of metta, as it is taught at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, is the golden thread that weaves through all of Kathie’s offerings at Metta Massage of Cape Cod. Massages, kayak retreats, assisted stretching and restorative yoga allow Kathie to deepen your connection to your highest energy and to increase personal wellness. Kathie combines her intense caring for people and for our world with a diversified wealth of expertise and years of experience. She holds a BS, MS and Massachusetts Teachers License as well as certifications in various Yoga, Massage, Kayaking and Sports Training Programs.

Metta Massage

• Therapeutic Deep Tissue (includes pre and post-event sports massages)
• Light Touch Swedish
• Pre-natal (at the spa or in your own home)
• La Stone Body Work (hot and cold stones)
• Neck/back/shoulders/hair & scalp/forearms & hands/feet (by themselves or add ons)
• A Year of Wellness (a 60-90 minute therapeutic massage each month for a year.)

Orleans Half Day Retreat

Kathie has combined her highly regarded kayak business with her massage and Yoga practices to offer a one-of-a-kind experience on the Cape. Kayak through “hidden” water habitats lush with wildlife, followed by a relaxing hot/cold stone massage and a restorative Yoga experience.

Luxury or Necessity? You decide ...

MassageMassage ...

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Scientific research confirms that massage creates positive changes in one’s body and mind. As Kathie’s devoted clients know, some of the immediate benefits of bodywork are:
• easing of physical discomfort
• increased range of motion in joints
• lower blood pressure
• improvement in breathing ease
• raised levels of serotonin, the “feel good” hormone
• coherence between heart and brain, creating an enhanced sense of “inner ease”
• increased clarity of thinking
• improved quality of sleep
• reduction in levels of cortisol, part of “fight or flight” reflex

KayakingKayaking ...

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“Kayak” means “one” in the Inuit language. Picture yourself one with your boat, one with nature, one with Self. Be guided by a certified instructor with more than 10 years of experience leading individuals, families, and groups of paddlers through some of the most beautiful and off-the-beaten-path places.

Let nothing stand in the way of you gliding peacefully on Cape Cod waters in a kayak. You have never learned how to kayak? Let Kathie teach you how to move easily on the water. You have a fear of the water? Kathie will guarantee your safety. You have physical limitations that have prevented you from enjoying this until now? Let Kathie paddle you securely in her tandem kayak.