Metta is not just a logo or a name for Kathie's practice. Metta, loving kindness, is at the core of who Kathie is, the spiritual practice she lives. As a Yoga instructor or wellness coach, Kathie meets you where you are, affirms who you are and how you are -- and gently guides you on your journey of self-inquiry or wellness.
~ Rita, Fitness Revolution, Orleans, MA

From the age of 11 I suffered from asthma. Since moving to Cape, my asthma has become chronic. I would use my rescue inhaler at least twice a day and it even got to the point that I was perscribed a nebulizer. Upon a reccomendation, I decided to seek out massage to hopefully help; what could it hurt to try? I went to see Kathie and after the first session I could feel my cheast opening up! I didn't have to use my inhaler that night and for the first night since moving to the Cape, I slept without waking once. Kathie taught me to let go and relax and helped me to breath easily once again. Now, I reccomend her to everyone that I know.
~ Kori-Lin

It is my belief that we are all born with a gift. Many of us may still be figuring out what that is, but Kathie has found hers, and it's the gift of massage. I have had other massages in the past, from such luxury spas as Sundara in the WI Dells and upscale Aveda salons, and none of them have come close to the experience I had with Kathie. It was almost as if her hands simply knew where to go. Incredible!
~ Tanya, Verona, Wisconsin